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A post in collaboration with PopcornCandi, Tea.Eats and c.style.diary

A high tea is a sophisticated event and should be decorated as such. When your guests arrive they should immediately feel that they are at a luxury event. A high tea is all about feeling classy while enjoying a delicate selection of treats and teas, and great company.

Your tables should reflect elegance and femininity. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect table setting for your spring high tea.


spring high tea


Select a Theme

A theme will help you to create a cohesive look. You don’t need to be specific, but choose something that you can base all of your decor choices on. Being a spring high tea, try choose a theme that is fresh and colourful. A specific flower, colour or even pattern can all be theme choices. Once you have chosen a theme, stick to it. Avoid mixing and matching themes to prevent your table from looking cluttered and confusing. Choose light, feminine colours that make you feel sophisticated. Too many bold and bright colours can sometimes be too “in your face” and can easily create a cluttered feel. Choosing muted tones allows you to add more to the table without it looking too messy, it also allows you to use a variety of colours that compliment each other. Your linen should be white or a shade that is close to white so that the decor is the focus. Some themes to consider are French, vintage or retro and rustic, or for a fun whimsical theme, mad hatters.


high tea decor


vintage high tea decor


Choose Fresh Flowers

A high tea should always have fresh flowers no matter what season it is. There is nothing more sophisticated than having beautiful seasonal flowers on your table. Don’t create over the top center pieces that will prevent guests from seeing each other, choose small, short vases instead. Using tea cups and small jars as flower vases is a great option, it will blend in with the table while still creating a chic look.


elegant high tea decor


high tea decor


Use What you Have

There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on table decor. Use tea pots, vases, tea cups, jars and other items that you may have in your home. A great way to add elegance is to add some pearl jewelry to your tables. If you want to create a small centerpiece try stacking a few old books with your flowers in a small cup or jar on top. Paper doilies create a look of lace and are easy to incorporate on your table. Burlap is an inexpensive fabric and looks beautiful as a rustic table runner. Try some DIY projects and create your own thank you cards and cute little quotes to add to your tables. Use your surroundings to your advantage, if there are trees – hang little lanterns from them. Be creative and have fun with it. If there is open space create fun little buntings and garlands to add to the decor. I love the look of using fresh flowers on a piece of twine to create a pretty floral garland. Use your food and tea as part of the decor. Cupcakes, pastries and tea pots are beautiful in their own right, place them on the table in decorative ways by stacking them or placing them on tiers. Always use linen napkins, paper ones are cheap and will ruin the integrity of the décor.


high tea


high tea at decor


high tea



After all of your planning and preparing it is important for you to enjoy your event. Choose things that you like and enjoy. If you are having a good time, your guests will be sure to have a good time too.


Pretty DIY

My gift to you are these cute thank you cards to place onto each of your guests saucers, you can add a little ribbon and chocolate to complete each one, there is space for you to handwrite a message or their names if you wish to. I have also created some table quotes to include on your table as part of your decor. You can print these on cardboard and lay them on the table or prop them up against vases. If you are feeling particularly fancy you can add them to frames. There is also a gorgeous checklist to make sure you have everything you need for your high tea.


~ enjoy!

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Thank you card 1

Thank you card 2

Thank you card 3

Table quote 1

Table quote 2

Table quote 3


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