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I recently subscribed to Poppet Post, it’s a really cute little subscription box for kids. I am always skeptical of these monthly subscription boxes, they are usually disappointing and don’t have half of the cool things that they advertise. Needless to say, I was really excited to give this one a try.


This particular box comes fortnightly and is personalised to suit your baby’s age. What I particularly love about this box is that every one has a theme, all of the contents of the box stick within the theme. They include a card with descriptions for each of the contents inside the box, as well as a card with milestones for your child’s age.


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I was excited to hear the doorbell ring as I was expecting the delivery. They were prompt in delivering in the week that they promised. The box had a handwritten note to bunny which was an extra special touch. The theme of this box was Forest Friends (so cute, I love it!)

Here is a peek at the August box:


poppet post boxpoppet post paints


I loved this addition of the paints. They added 2 primary colours as well as 2 pine cones (matches the theme too) and an instruction sheet with fun painting ideas for your little ones. I can’t wait to try this activity out with her and use it as inspiration for other fun painting activities.


poppet post chalk


As you can see my little bunny couldn’t wait to start drawing on her little tree chalkboard. They included this in the box so that you can hang it up for them to draw on. This helps develop their shoulder muscles and strength. I love this idea and I love to leave little shapes and letters (my version of love notes) on it for her.

(don’t you just love those chubby little hands)


poppet post puzzle


This was my personal favourite thing in this month’s box. It is a Melissa & Doug puzzle. I really love the colours as well as the colour matching concept. Of course the best part of this puzzle is that the gears turn. This is really great for getting those little fingers moving as well as colour recognition and matching.


poppet post book


This was the final product in the Poppet Post box is bunny’s favourite. The book is called “goodnight owl” and she just loves animals, so this was right up her alley. While the book doesn’t have the best story line and has very minimal words (we are used to more detailed stories), we love the flaps and the detailed pictures. It’s definitely a new favourite in the bedtime story pile.

And there you have it, the Forest Friends Poppet Post Box for August. Our next one comes in October and I can’t wait to see what fun and exciting goodies awaits us. Keep a look out for my review in October.

If you wish to give this Poppet Post a try, I do recommend it. Simply follow the link and the instructions below and wait for your delivery. Let me know in the comments what you think of this box and what your favourite item is.


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