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I love hearing from other mom’s and seeing what they dress their kids in, what creative snacks they come up with and what they do for fun. I love other’s women’s stories and I love sharing them.

Today my good friend Jamie has shared some tips on styling little boys. She gives some really great insight for those moms on a budget. You can use this as inspiration for styling your own little tots, whether they are boys or girls.





“We waited eagerly to hear if we were having a little girl or a little boy. The obstetrician said with a smile, “No doubt, you are having a baby boy!” We were over the moon, as my husband began planning his first soccer training camps. Friends and family would comment (the ladies of course), that the fashion for girls is much nicer, that it easier to buy clothes for little girls than for boys. I like to think I am a bit of a fashion guru, when it suits me but undoubtedly whether I am wearing it or just paging through the latest online fashion magazine, fashion is something I enjoy and follow. I think everyone had imagined me with a little girl, painting her nails, doing her hair and matching tutus over the Christmas dress up party. How on earth would I dress my son when the fashion for baby boys and little toddler boys was so limited? Fact of the matter, some of the clothing for little boys can be just as fashionable as little girls, it is all about mixing and matching, forgetting brand names and shopping at more than one store.

Here is my son, Lúcio, he is 14 months old and enjoyed his first trip to the beach. A lady came over to me at the beach and laughed as she said that he has got to be the best dressed baby in East London! That simply made my day as I shared his photos on my Instagram and reveled in the compliments of his cute outfit and how well dressed he was!




kids fashion


Little girls look just the cutest in lace, tutus, bows and dresses, but something as simple as a hat can really transform the fashion of a little boy. Each item he is wearing in the picture above was purchased from a different store, none of the clothing he is wearing is that of a popular brand or of any brand name for that matter, his shirt came from our local grocery store that has a small aisle of mix and match random pieces of clothing for little boys. His pants came from one clothing store and his hat from another. His little flip flops were on sale in a box at the back of the same grocery store that his shirt came from, they were lying at the bottom of the box and cost me R7; they were cheaper than a chocolate! All it was a little insight to match the colours and textures, piecing the outfit together, in totality, it probably cost me R150 for his entire outfit including the hat and shoes! Some of the larger clothing chain stores have stylish boys clothing and accessories, they also all laid out for you and matched together, of course what are you prepared to pay? I am a mom on a budget as I work three jobs to support my family, I cannot justify spending R400 on an outfit, one that they will soon grow out of!

If you looking to style to your little ones on a budget, go look in the marked down sections of your local stores, have a look at the fashion available in your local grocer (if they stock clothes like Pick n Pay), don’t be afraid to look around behind other clothing items on a shelf or in a marked down box that has really been marked down a few times, little gems are hidden amongst those places and no doubt at a really affordable price. A great tip I gained in the last few months as the season sales have been popping up; if a winter sale is on, buy clothes for your little ones for the next winter (you need to purchase bigger sizes of course) and as the sales come up, shop for future seasons.

Below is my son at just 2 months old (not looking overly impressed with me I may add), besides onesies, there really is not much that fits that tender age that you could describe as stylish, unless you really shop around and have some time to work your way through a variety of stores!


styling little boys


Fashion is really what you make of it, your own preference, your own style but a personal feeling that when it comes to small children, it should not even be a priority at all; they grow so quickly, their little bodies are developing daily and once they start moving around more, they need clothes that are practical and comfortable, clothes that can be ruined without crying over the rands spent on them and more so clothes that may only be worn three of four times because it will soon become too small! Nonetheless it is fun to dress them up in little outfits and to have one or two stylish little numbers, it is cute and always makes for some great photos to look back on when they older. Let them be little boys and girls while you can, soon they will want mommy to dress them and to choose their clothes!”



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