Summer Baby Shower

It was one of my good friends’ baby shower last month, and I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of the planning. The theme was yellow and daisies, perfect for a summer baby shower. My job was decorating on a budget.

I took the inspiration and ran with it, ran on a very short rope, but ran nonetheless. Decorating on a tight budget is difficult but not impossible. I will be sharing with you the simple yet pretty decor items that I did and some tips on decorating on a budget.


baby shower decor


Flowers are a great way to add charm to any table and don’t have to cost an absolute fortune. If you are blessed to have a beautiful garden full of flowers, take advantage and use those as decor. Use old jars and tins and gather some ribbon, washi tape and twine and get creative. Wrap them or tie them in a bow around the tins and jars to create beautiful little vases for your flowers. If you want to dress up your flower vases, try slicing some lemons and add them round the inside of the jars. I really love this look for summer, it brings a bright freshness to your tables and doesn’t cost a whole lot. You can also do this with oranges or grapefruit for a variety of summer colours. Use a variety of different size vases to add interest and rustic charm. If you want to skip the flowers, try filling vases with different fruit. This always makes a great display and is cost effective too. Lemons, oranges and apples are my favourite to decorate with.


yellow baby shower decor - rustic flowers

summer baby shower decor inspiration

baby shower decor

yellow baby shower flowers

baby shower decor

summer baby shower decor inspiration - lemons


Create a bunting. This has to be one of the easiest things to do, and it is really effective as a decor piece. If you can’t find a ready made bunting, they aren’t too difficult to make. All you need is a ruler to draw straight and equal triangular shapes, cute them out and punch holes on the ends to thread your ribbon or string through. You can use all sorts of fun scrapbooking papers for this. I really loved the idea of creating a bunting with baby clothes. This functions as decor and a gift for the mom to be (thanks Taryn for allowing me to steal your idea). How cute does it look?!


baby shower bunting

yellow baby shower bunting


I love the look of lanterns and there is so much that you can do with them. Search Pinterest and you will find so many cool ideas using simple colour lanterns. For this baby shower I bought simple yellow ones in various sizes and cut out yellow daisies in different shades of yellow. Adding the flowers to the lanterns instantly creates an awesome decor piece that was quick, simple and inexpensive.


yellow baby shower decor - lanterns

baby shower decor - daisy lanterns

baby shower


Use things that you have around the house from previous parties, or things that you use as decor in your home. Another tip is to use functional items as part of the decor. These straws for example, make really cute decor pieces once placed into jars. Another great idea is to create an advice or wishes box. This makes a cute decor display and guests get a chance to write special notes for mom and baby. I also made little thank you bags of popcorn that doubled as decor.


baby shower inspiration

yellow baby shower

baby shower advice box



Have fun with it and search for the best stores to find party supplies. A good place to start is always at a China store, they always have a wide variety of party goods that don’t break the bank.


baby shower decor baby shower decor baby shower decor

I hope that this article sparked some inspiration.If you have any good tips for decorating on a budget, leave a comment to share with everyone.


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